How do I call up mouse cursor in Gamepad mode?
A:Click Left Stick(LS) and Right Stick (RS) simultaneously to call up the mouse cursor, you can move it with RS, and RT/A button works as a mouse click. Click LS+RS again to cancel the cursor.
How do I enter/quit shooting mode?
A:After activating Octopus, right moue click to enter/quit shooting mode.
Why does the mouse cursor remain even after activation.
A:Due to Android restrictions, hiding the mouse cursor feature only works with Android 7.0 or later.
Activation failure?
A:Due to VM optimization restrictions in Android 4.4, activation only works with Android 5.0 or later.
Can I use Octopus on x86 Phoenix OS?
A:Sorry, Octopus only works on phone/tablet devices.
Does the advanced shooting mode activator work in Windows XP?
A:The activator does not work in Windows XP for now.
I've activated advanced shooting mode but still could not rotate my POV 360 degrees. However, changing a mouse fixed this.
A:In our QA test we recognized this issue, which is due to the design irregularity of certain mouses. Try a different mouse to fix this.
No sprinting in PUBG games?
A:This issue appears in very few phones due to a special resolution. Click on the Octopus floating window, and enlarge the compass manually would fix this.
A middle click on my mouse returns me to home screen, any way I can map this key?
A:The middle click on a mouse is fixed in Android system and cannot be mapped to other keys.